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Software bíblico gratuito
Atualização automática, starter pack, traduções em vários idiomas, comentários, dicionários e livros
Sistema Operacional Requerido:
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista

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O pacote básico contém:
- the Online Bible Edition 2.99
- the Pocket PC Online Bible Program
- King James Authorized Version Bible
- Easton's Dictionary
- Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
- Greek and Hebrew Lexicons
- OLB Theme Index
- Morning and Evening Devotional

1- baixe o instalador da Online Bible em;
2- Instale o executável, seguindo as instruções;
3- baixe tudo que quiser das 4 páginas que começam em principalmente a versão YLT, pois a KJV-1611 já foi instalada pelo Starter Pack;

1- Faça o download do arquivo em
2- Descompacte o arquivo brp.exe para o diretório C:\Arquivos de programas\Bible

Livros e Léxicos para Palm Operating Systems.
Usuários Macintosh - vá até o site Online Bible Mac

folder Online Bible Program
Go here to update your program or if you do not have the Online Bible program installed download the "starter pack".
file Add-on Material List Update
Download and run this file to update the add-on material status list under "Help" in the menu.
Please note that this is not a program update. Click on Program Files to go to the program update section.
You must reset the program under Tools in the menu after installing this file.
97 K

folder Bible Versions
Various Bible translations such as the King James Authorised Version, Darby, Webster, Apocrypha.
folder Books
Choose from a selection of books such as Pilgrim's Progress, Holy War, Answers in Genesis material.
folder Commentaries
Commentaries by authors such as Barnes, Matthew Henry, Scofield, H. C. Leupold, D.D.
folder Dictionaries
Add-on dictionaries and lexicons.
folder Educational Material
A collection of educational material suitable for home schooling. Includes titles such as the McGuffey's Readers, History of Ontario, Queensland Book V Reader.
folder Locked Material
Unlock Codes: All modules on this page need to be registered to obtain the missing parts before they will work. To obtain the unlock code please go to our ordering information page. See our instruction page for information on how to unlock the material.
Important! The modules are intended to be used with the latest program only. If you are using an older program please download and install the program update from this site before installing the locked material. To check which program version you are using go to "Help > About" in the menu and check the date.
folder Utilities Files
Tools to assist you in creating your own modules. Includes an archive program and also the update for the Win 98 help
folder User Made Modules
Material sent to us by users. See the news page for details.
Quick Study Manual [pdf file] Get Adobe Reader
Online Bible short tutorial manual in pdf format. Right click and select "Save Target As" to download. Requires Acrobat Reader to view.
Windows ME/XP/Vista
2.28 MB
July 10/06
Online Bible Manual [pdf file] Get Adobe Reader
Online Bible manual in pdf format. Right click and select "Save Target As" to download. Requires Acrobat Reader to view.
Windows ME/XP/Vista
1.42 MB
July 25/01
Advance User Manual [pdf file] Get Adobe Reader
Advance user manual in pdf format. This manual explains all technical options available. Right click and select "Save Target As" to download. Requires Acrobat Reader to view.
Windows ME/XP/Vista
730 K
July 25/01
rtf document Online Bible Manual (RTF)
Online Bible manual in rich text format. Run downloaded file to extract. View with MS Word or WordPad.
Windows ME/XP/Vista
133 K
July 25/01


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